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.Have you ever dreamed of having your own studio?
One you could decorate any way you like? A place you could have classes anytime of day, as many times a week as you wanted? A space where you could rehearse late into the night? Maybe you could set up a little shop there where students could purchase zills and hipscarves...

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your day job and performing around the world? Or maybe selling costumes and music online?

Have you ever wondered why some teachers always have full classes and exciting projects going on, and some can't manage to keep a single class going for more than a few months?

If you answered "YES" -- this is the place for you!
We're here to help you...
*recruit new students
*find (and land) higher paying gigs
*learn successful advertising, marketing, and mindset techniques--all the things that will enable you to keep moving forward--whether you just want to entice a few more students into your classes or want to make a full-time living with your art.

Start by exploring the free resources page.
You'll find lots of help for your belly dance business--whether you're a teacher, performer, vendor, or all three.

Next, take a look at our home study courses offered under the Products page. If you're having trouble getting started, these courses will lead you step-by-step toward your goals. These are constantly in development, so if you have an idea for a course--let us know!

We're here to answer your questions.
Feel free to email us with questions, comments, and especially your successes.

Do you have a hard time booking enough gigs or filling your classes?

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